Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How did it start?

Working. What a great title for a blog. And why did I choose to do this? It began this morning as I drove by a construction site and I suddenly had a flood of memories from those times when I was the one standing out in the cold, a cup of hot coffee held in both hands as I waited for the clock to reach 7 so that I could get to work and warm up. Those memories are demanding to become stories.

And "Working" is also the title of a great book by Studs Terkel, the famous chronicler of our times. In it, he interviews the so-called "common man" and listens to them as they describe just what they do every day as they go about their work. And that's what I want to do, tell you about what I used to do...

So it begins; I will add a story every now and then and you may learn something about me that you never knew before. Or not.

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