Thursday, February 16, 2006

At work in North Carolina

This is me at work just after arriving at Camp Lejeune. Note the silly grin. I didn't know that much about the camp yet and so grinning was easy. My sleeve has two stripes on it plus the medical corps "cadeuceus". That indicates that I was a Hospitalman Apprentice.

The second photo shows me in a lttle more serious mood...but still smiling. The eagle on my left shoulder indicates that I was then a petty officer. Besides giving you a better place to sleep, that eagle would get you into the non-commissioned officers club, better known as the "non-coms slop chute." You got to associate with a better class of riff-raff there.

And as an indicator of the great respect shown for that "eagle", it was simply known as a "crow"...

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