Saturday, January 20, 2007


This morning I headed out early to get some work done at the Plant Barn. And early meant that it was cold... which brought back memories of many jobs that began in the cold of morning.

The first third of my career was spent in Southern California and if I ever complained about the cold back then; please forgive me! When we moved to Northern California I began a whole new life in construction, one that involved getting dressed in long johns at 4 in the morning, followed by heavy pants, shirts, sweatshirts, thermal boots, etc; all so that I would be prepared for the long cold day atop some high-rise hotel project in downtown Reno. A place where the wind always blew. And my nose always ran...

Funny how memories will pop up. As I've been driving into Chico in the mornings, I pass a construction site at the University. Turner Construction is the General Contractor and I know them well. (Good and bad memories) I watched them driving piles earlier in the year and now they are involved in the footings and all of the underground electrical and plumbing. As I watch the workers while passing the site, I like the fact that I know exactly what each one is doing and why... been there, done that. If I lived closer, I would spend part of my day parked nearby and with a coffee in my hand while I watched the building take shape.

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