Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Moving on

It was some time in 1998 that I got the invitiation to join the Strategic Development group within PCG. I was going to be an instructor for the use of the estimating software that we had developed in-house. Also I was help in the ongoing development of  new software for estimating. My role in development was to be the 'bridge' between the User and the Programmer.

I met my 'Boss', Gordon, and was delighted to learn that he was brilliant! He really was. He was a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon and was a Nuclear Physicist. Why Nuclear? Because one of our branches within PCG was involved in making product for the nuclear energy industry. Right away I began to enjoy myself. He was such an interesting guy to talk to and he loved to talk...absolutely loved talking.

Now that I was part of  PCG, the parent company of PCI, I had a new headquarters to report to and it was in Lenexa, Kansas while Strategic Development worked out of a small corner of a PCG insulation plant in Bonner Springs.

Now I became a frequent flyer as I had to go to meetings in Lenexa, Bonner Springs and to a dozen or more branch offices. Plus the usual meetings at some resort or another. I wasn't a golfer but I still had to go to these functions and be seen.

I joined all the 'Frequent Flyer' clubs and began to rack up miles on Alaska, Southwest, United and Air West. Airports became far too familiar to me while I learned to finagle upgrades on flights and car rentals. It was actually fun at first. The fun ended after 9/11...


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