Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Looking back; way back.

I don't want to miss anything in this long list of jobs I've had. But, with my memory these days, I can easily forget one, two or more of them. I don't think I have mentioned New Mexico. Or Spokane. Or my trip to Deer Valley, Utah for MTI training. Or Zanesville, Indiana for the same. Then there were many, many trips to Kansas City for corporate training. Then there was an office in Phoenix that I traveled to. The Baptist Home for the Aged in Los Angeles? The Broadway stores in Bakersfield, Sacramento and Reno? The PacBell switching station in Long Beach? MGM Grand. Sahara. Circus Circus. Any of the many piece work projects I worked on? I know that I must have mentioned some of these before. I'm going to have search all of the entries to make sure. Once I have searched, I will get back to the task of writing.

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