Sunday, January 08, 2006

Two Jobs

I think it was sometime in 1958, probably summer, when I made a slight shift in my career. I kept the job at Bill’s Liquor Store, but I took on an additional job, working days at the local Texaco station, coincidentally named, “Bill’s Texaco” – no relation. The station also happened to be located right across the street from the liquor store. A good friend of mine was the day manager there and he had led me to the job. I certainly enjoyed working there, as this station was somewhat of a local hangout for those who drove “hot” cars. I got a chance to see and sometimes drive some pretty fast machinery.

This was back in the day when a service station attendant (me) would come out to your car and ask you what you needed. I would pump the gas, clean the windshield, and check the oil, water and battery fluid levels. And, without asking, I would also check your tire pressure. Of course there was a motive for all of this great service. It gave me a chance to check for any possible ways to sell you additional service. Dirty oil? Perhaps you would like your oil changed? When I checked the radiator water level, I was also checking the condition of your fan belt. Tire pressure checks gave me a chance to se how much tread was left on the tires. I was paid the standard $1 an hour, but I made additional money from any service I could sell you.

With all of the money I was making by working two jobs, I soon had enough money to buy myself a newer car. A 1954 Austin Healey roadster, for which I paid $1,800. I got rid of my old 1948 Ford coupe and reveled in the “almost new” feel of the Healey.

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