Sunday, March 19, 2006


After a very long time, or so it seemed; I was finished with the escalator framing. I had spent weeks climbing all over the escalator frame and had welded supports and framing pieces at every possible location. The trickiest part was at the juncture of the Up escalator with the Down escalator. That’s where the two finish surfaces had to merge perfectly.

Now I called for help to build the scaffolds and install the drywall. And we had to be creative, as there were few places to support the scaffold. The escalator installers were not going to let us place any part of the scaffolding on their escalator; nor interfere with any of their work space. They were making threats of back charging us for any screws we dropped into the pit and for cleaning any dust we might create. Another dilemma!

We finally got a break and the escalator mechanics left the project for a few days; they had to install the escalator frames in the public space of the mall. With their departure, we could bend the rules a little and we soon had a makeshift scaffold built, using 30’ long painters “picks”; long, very long…and very narrow planks. That made for some nervous moments as we were 20’ in the air and working over the top of the tube steel framework…which didn’t look as if it would provide a very soft landing if we were to fall.

Of course we didn’t fall. And in a few days the escalator was clad in drywall. The superintendent was more than pleased and told Alex that we had done a great job; which made me happy!

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