Saturday, March 11, 2006

Up, Up and Away

Back to the heights…

The next day found us back on the scaffold and hanging on tight, except when we were forced to let go and grab the drywall that Alex was handing up to us. And after another long day, we had finished all of the drywall installation from the floor to the height of the crane rail. And that was where we encountered a dilemma. The crane rail was in the way of the scaffold. We couldn’t go any higher.

Of course, Alex had a solution. We would simply climb up onto the rail and work from there. 20’ above the hard concrete floor below. And to prove how easy that was going to be, Alex climbed the scaffold and did a quick jog and a jig upon the narrow rail to impress us with just how safe it was. Right!

Keeping the scaffold below us at all times, we climbed up and began our work. Slowly.

And at the end of the week, we were proud to survey the room and see it complete. We had done it and I had conquered my fear of heights…slightly. And that was a good thing because working at heights became almost routine for me through the years. Although I never let it become so routine that I forgot where I was.

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