Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oops! Not!

Another memory of a project at Saint Mary’s hospital; I was told that a special operating room needed to be remodeled and this one was going to be different. Because of the special and necessary equipment in the room, we would have to do all of the work behind a polyethylene barrier while the room continued to be in use. For surgery. We had to prepare by making certain that we had all of the material needed, as well as the manpower. All the rest of the ongoing projects would be halted until we had finished this one.

The demolition of the existing walls was quickly finished and then the plumbers had to pipe in all of the medical gas before we could start. And when we did, I was quite surprised to see that the operating table, the patient and the surgical team were only a few feet away from us, on the other side of the clear poly wall. Yikes!

So we did our work quietly on one side of this thin wall while the surgeons did theirs on the other. And neither of us said, "Oops!"

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